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I thought i should compile it for you guys since i figured someone might do that already.

The concept was to figure out a team of women maybe collected by a good Cassandra nova to be a very formidable force/ or to fight her, you choose.  I wanted characters who were powerful but had preexisting relationships but also shared an opposite personality. Like two different elemental, Two very different psychics, Two crazy sisters and allot of great personalities. Plus like oprah said…..Everyone gets a headpiece!  :)

Other mutants i wanted to use were Firestar and Shadow Cat Sprite coustume (pink) . I opted for Sunpyre cause i love japan and wanted some women from different countries

Also Huntress from DC would’ve work too.

Be on the look out for these guys at SDCC 2014 table HH20.


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there is a recent captain america variant cover out there with black widow on it that I really like and anyone who can figure out which issue it is gets a prize because for some reason my google-fu is failing me

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The mailman brings my dog a treat every day. This is what she does when she hears the truck approaching our street


The mailman brings my dog a treat every day. This is what she does when she hears the truck approaching our street

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Government agents from A Vague Yet Menacing Agency were in the back, watching. (x)

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portraitoftheoddity replied to your post: Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]…

I think you absolutely nailed the point about how Loki is somewhat manic in this scene (and really, through the whole jailbreak, ranging from manic glee to frantic irritability).

It’s hard to know anything for sure when it comes to Loki, of course, all the more so because I wouldn’t trust the writers to be consistent on the level that I want them to be.  But I really do think the mania in Loki’s reactions at times makes sense to me, because so much of how I see Loki is built on this foundation of how he lies to himself, how he pushes himself to be these things he’s not, because he doesn’t have a strong sense of self/know who he is, after his world shattered.

He decided he was going to be a certain thing (and that keeps changing, too often defined through someone else—usually Thor—rather than figuring himself out inside his own head) and so he pushes himself into that role, rather than facing the actual emotional problems and issues he has.  He forces himself into the role of the villain, he forces himself to deny his family, etc., despite that it’s clearly not making him happy.

So, when actual shit does happen (Thor won’t talk to him anymore, Frigga dies, Odin is furious with him), he can’t face those problems any more healthily than his self-image problems, and thus he forces himself into this role where he doesn’t care, where it’s all just one big joke to him, where he finds it funny.  So, he laughs and throws chaos into the mix all over the place and makes snarky comments, which come out a little manic at times, because Loki is kind of manic, that some part of him thinks that if he can just keep going fast enough or quip just the right things quickly enough, those feelings will never catch up to him and overwhelm him again, like they did before.

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my favorite thing in stories is when the antagonist doesn’t die, but instead they realize they were being kind of a stupid dick (maybe because the protagonist saved them or something) and then they have to kind of awkwardly tag along with the heroes in order to make up for their mistakes and gradually become slightly less evil

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sometimes i like to think of how aggressively NOT a nature person steve would be

i mean, he’s a city boy. loves being a city boy. he had to survive in the wilderness during the war, but it was a lot of teeth-gritting, trudging through the mud, sleeping on the cold, rocky ground and longing for warm meals at home

so the first time sam takes him camping he’s just so CONFUSED and CONCERNED

like, sam are we going on the run or something, will they see us if we make a fire?? sam what did you do i will help you i promise

and the first time sam takes steve and bucky, bucky expresses the same level of wtf like, we are walking up and down hills for FUN?? why are we eating cold beans when microwaves have been invented what is this

and steve’s like, humor him okay we love him. remember we love him

(meanwhile natasha’s just too smart for this noise. she saw sam’s camper and NOPE’d out of the driveway so fast she left a rubber mark on the sidewalk. she spent the week at a 5-star hotel w clint eating junk food and watching a scifi originals marathon)

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